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It happened! We are officially approved by the State of Michigan to adopt! Our background checks were delayed for months because of covid, and they came back all clear! We have nothing but gratitude for the lovely staff at our agency, Hands Across the Water. They have been absolutely incredible to work with. Our home study sessions felt like chatting with friends. We took classes, read books, and met with experts about how to navigate the world of pre and post-adoption. The information we have learned is invaluable. We can't wait to continue to work with our agency moving forward.

So- what's next?

Well, we wait. Our agency can now show our profile to a potential expecting parent. And we also let everyone know we are officially ready and allowed to adopt. If you know anyone considering an adoption plan, feel free to send them our website!

Thank you all so much for your support, as always. Stay tuned for updated pics of our finished nursery! (Ahh!)


Jess & Lindsey

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