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We are Lindsey and Jess! We met in high school in our Show Choir class. We've been together for fourteen years and have been married for three. After graduating from Michigan State University, Lindsey (31) now works for a large automotive company as a policy consultant. She just completed her Masters of Business Administration degree in June! Jessica (30) graduated from Oakland University and is a registered nurse at a hospital. We love to go for long walks around our beautiful, sidewalked neighborhood. We have the best neighbors in the world! We live in a three-bedroom house that has a large, finished basement perfect for a playroom and a lovely, private backyard - all we need is a little one to share it with!

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There are so many things we are passionate about! First and foremost, we love music! On any given night, you can find us having a dance party in our living room. Lindsey plays a few different instruments, and Jess loves to sing along! 

Lindsey is an avid photographer. She loves to take photos of our friends and family. She has especially enjoyed the last few years, now that our friends have young children of their own. She can't wait to have a child of her own to photograph as they grow up!

Of course, we love food! Don't make us choose a favorite - we love food from all over! Jess loves to cook and bake, and Lindsey is always looking for a new, outrageous recipe to try out. We love making a mess in our kitchen cooking homemade pasta with Jess's family sauce recipe!

Jess's family has a cottage on a lake up north. It's her favorite place on earth! Jess loves to go swimming while Lindsey kayaks. 

We love watching and playing sports! We are big fans of the Michigan State Spartans, but we also root for all Detroit professional teams. 

We have recently found a new love and appreciation for hiking. We live near multiple metroparks with gorgeous hiking trails. We especially love hiking in the autumn with the beautiful Michigan leaves. 

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One of the biggest testaments to who we are as people are the many friends and family who have provided us their love and support. We feel so lucky to have the most incredible people in our lives who live so close to us. We often spend our weekends attending barbecues with our friends or celebrating their beautiful children's birthdays. Our future child will be surrounded by friends their age to go on adventures with and aunts, uncles and grandparents to spoil them!

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If you ask anyone about us, you will probably quickly hear about our dog, Toast. She is the greatest dog around. She was rescued from the mountains in Kentucky in 2013 and has been a cherished member of our family ever since! She loves to play in the backyard but 90% of her day is spent cuddling up with her family. She is looking for a new best friend to play with her or possibly play dress up and have a photo shoot with.

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Having adventures and exploring new places together is our absolute favorite thing. When we're not spending time with our friends and family locally or exploring all of the amazing places in the City of Detroit, we love to travel. We have loved ones living in Ohio, Chicago, New York, California, Texas, Washington, D.C., and more! We always enjoy the time we get to spend with them and getting to know different cities. We also love the ocean, and have fallen in love with going to the beach. In 2019 we were fortunate enough to travel to Europe, and we would love to go back once our family has expanded!

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